Finding the Flora

Last week NACC NRM partnered with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservations & Attractions (DBCA), Western Mulga and the Geraldton Regional Herbarium to complete a survey as part of our new partner project ‘Safeguarding Midwest Flora’.

The dream team comprised of our Biodiversity Project Officer Lynsey Allen, DBCA’s Conservation Operations Officer Casper Human, DBCA Aboriginal Ranger Bruce Bradfield, Western Mulga Rangers Phoenix Jefferies and Jake Whitby and Geraldton Regional Herbarium volunteers Beth Teale and Virginie Carbonatto.

The survey was conducted over three significant natural areas surrounding Geraldton including North West Coastal Highway Reserve, Oakajee Nature Reserve and Howarratha Nature Reserve, which all have the ideal conditions for the target species Philotheca wonganensis to grow in. The survey aimed to locate a presumed locally extinct population of endangered Philotheca wonganensis and hopefully map its extent. Unfortunately No new records were found, but many other amazing species were identified, and a few critters were out enjoying the sunshine.

The information gathered will be used to for future monitoring opportunities and will help to identify any changes or developments to the reserves condition.

This project is supported by NACC NRM as part of the Threatened Species Strategy Action Plan through funding from the Australian Government. 

Lynsey Allen – Biodiversity Project Officer

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