Expos and Agricultural shows – a community conservation catalyst

The best part about expos and agricultural shows is not just the free show bags – they also provide an opportunity for the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council’s team to meet with local farmers and community members who play such an important role in the achievement of regional NRM outcomes.

NACC staff have recently enjoyed lots of opportunities to “chew the fat” with locals at the Perenjori Show, the Mingenew Midwest Expo and the Dalwallinu Show and will be doing the same at next month’s Northampton Show.

Sustainable Agriculture Project Manager Callum Love in action at the Dalwallinu Ag Show.
Sustainable Agriculture Project Manager Callum Love in action at the Dalwallinu Ag Show.

NACC NRM Officer Heather Legge lent a helping hand at both the Mingenew and Dalwallinu events and said they provided a fabulous opportunity to have a chat with people – both young and old – who passed through the tent.

“At these shows we have a bit more time to find out what our project partners are up to with their own NRM projects and what their goals are,” she said.

“We can also hear about their concerns and frustrations, which I think is very important, especially in a tough year – like the one we’re having.”

Adding to that dialogue, NACC is conducting a short online community survey this year to help the organisation better understand the needs and aspirations of our stakeholders across the community, including landholders, indigenous people, and urban residents.

Anyone interested in providing input can complete the survey online at: http://nacc2015.polldaddy.com/s/nacc-community-nrm-survey

Visitors to the Northampton Show on 9 September will have the opportunity to fill-out the survey, as well as have a chat with local NRM Officer Marieke Jansen and NACC Regional Landcare Facilitator Stanley Yokwe.

Mr Yokwe said that NACC plans to use the information in its forward planning in its efforts to continue to improve the service provided to the region’s community and natural environment.

Anyone who would like to learn more about upcoming NACC events – including the WA Threatened Species Forum in September, and the Talkin’ Soil Health Conference in March – is urged to check-out the Upcoming Events section of NACC Notes or on the NACC website at: https://www.nacc.com.au/events/

Residents of the Northern Agricultural Region can complete the survey here for your chance to win an IPad: http://nacc2015.polldaddy.com/s/nacc-community-nrm-survey

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