Every Sip is a Quid for Landcare

The Australian media – especially any of our rural media with an interest in Landcare – was recently abuzz when a new beer and brewing company named after former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, was launched.

We in the Landcare business are excited too, because with every sip of the new beer, a percentage of the profits made from the company’s first product, Hawke’s Lager, will go to Landcare work across the country. Mr Hawke generously passed-on all of his royalties from the collaboration as a donation to the national grass-roots Landcare movement.

The funding will go towards community Landcare projects across the country through a partnership with Landcare Australia.

A spokesperson for Landcare Australia said the sales of Hawke’s Lager will bring the Landcare brand to a new, wider audience and will include the “caring hands ” logo on all of the new beer products.


For more information about Bob Hawke Brewing Company’s support for Landcare, please click here.


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