Every Picture Tells a Story

Over the past few editions of NACC Notes, we have been showcasing some of the successes of our Photomon program. However, it would be disingenuous of us to suggest that all coastal projects we have monitored are as successful as we might have hoped.

Despite this, we can always learn something when revisiting each site and use Photomon’s note function to keep a record of observations

The first pair of photos show a revegetation site at Nun’s Pool. Unfortunately, the seedlings did not last long at this sandy site as the logistics for post-planting watering were too onerous. Continuous monitoring here has led us to the conclusion that brushing could potentially be a more fruitful prospect here.

Next up is a site at Jacques Point in Kalbarri, where continuous foot traffic has impacted revegetation efforts. Planting tress was not enough alone to discourage people from walking through the site and disrupting the vegetation.

And finally to Edward Island Point in Lancelin, where substantial sand movement makes accurate photo-monitoring impossible. You would need an excavator to be able to stand at the photo-point at the base of this sign. Monitoring the effect of blowout brushing from the top of the dune might be a better prospect here.

These case studies from around our region show that sometimes things don’t go to plan and mother nature has other ideas. There are times when we have travelled to sites and have not found what we were hoping to. These cases, while frustrating, can help us to identify obstacles and work out how we can work with the community to overcome them.

Thanks to all the community groups and Local Government Authorities that continue to support NACC NRM’s coastal projects.

Mic Payne & Tegan Knowles – Coastcare Support Officers

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