Every little bit counts

I heard these words from one of our many members and supporters this week – in reference to the appeal we’re currently making to help fund the WA Threatened Species Forum in Geraldton at the end of the month.

It’s regarding our first attempt at “crowdfunding” – in which we’re appealing to the broader public to fund some of our work.

Dipping our toes in the uncertain (and innovative) crowdfunding waters, provides us hopefully with not only a few extra dollars to fund the Forum, but also an entry into what is proving to be an exciting new way to raise limited dollars for environmental stewardship.

We’re hoping to raise about $2,500 to ensure our conference goes waste-free, and we’re hoping that many of our members and supporters will chip-in to help us reach our target by the 28 October deadline.

You can read all about it, and make a contribution (even if just a few dollars) on the forum’s crowd funding page.

One might ask why is NACC looking for public funding, when it already receives so much from Australian taxpayers via the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program?

My answer is along the lines of the “every little bit helps” comment. While the Government funding is generous, and essential for implementing on-ground land- and sea- stewardship outcomes, it is never enough.

There is still so much more that regional NRM groups, and local community groups want to do for the environment.

All of us look for alternative, and new, sources of funding our work. This inaugural foray into crowdfunding is one such source. I hope as many of our members and supporters as possible can chip-in and make it a roaring success. It will be appreciated.

Richard McLellan

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