Embrace the diversity at NACC

Diversity is important, whether one is talking about bio-diversity, farming diversity or “just” differences of opinion. It’s also important for organisations like NACC – both when it comes to our staff and our Board.

The importance for the latter was the subject of a recent article that I came across in the Financial Review headed “Why diversity is important”.

It particularly caught my attention now, as the public part of the 2015 NACC Board Election has just got underway, with ballot papers mailed-out to all of our members this week. (Hopefully this will be the last time that NACC will have to conduct a “paper election” and that we will be able to move over to a virtual process via the internet.)

There were a couple of good tips in the article which I’d urge all of our members to read:

“Boards need to embrace generational change as part of the move towards greater diversity.”

“The diversity issue goes beyond the critical issue of getting more women to include a greater age spread and different skill sets.”

There’s lots of other good material in the article to consider. We look forward to embracing some new skill sets and faces along with the opportunities and possibilities they represent following this 2015 election.

I wish all the very best to all of the candidates who have put themselves up for election and look forward to those who are successful joining the team. I will say a few more words after the event regarding our new Board members, and some more on those who are departing.

Richard McLellan


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