“Elementary, my dear Watson”

Brad Watson normally works in an office as an IT consultant, but recently has increased his workload after purchasing a property in East Yuna, in the Shire of Chapman Valley.

He now works two full-time jobs, but somehow on top of that, manages to work hard to protect more than 140 hectares of stunning bushland on his property.

Working in partnership with NACC, Brad has recently completed installing nine kilometres of fencing to ensure livestock, such as sheep, are excluded from the remnant vegetation. Brad said he found out about NACC’s Habitat Fencing Incentive program through his neighbours in East Yuna, and actively sought out NACC’s help to further protect his bushland.

As part of the collaboration, Brad will continue to maintain the bushland in the years to come, including by managing weeds and pests. He intends to increase the control of feral animals, as he has seen a number of feral pigs and cats in the area. This is an important step in protecting native wildlife and bushland, which often suffers from introduced fauna.

Vanessa Brown, Bushcare Officer from NACC, recently caught-up with Brad on a visit to his farm and was impressed with the bush and ‘resident’ biodiversity. Later during the visit she also spotted a number of interesting looking fauna tracks which indicated that a variety of different wildlife species were still actively utilising the bushland as habitat.

Brad said he has many ideas regarding the future of his property, including attracting tourists to come and see the wonderful array of spring wildflowers.

“The property is a bit off the beaten track, but the wildflowers out here are just extraordinarily beautiful,” Brad said.

Vanessa said it was great to see that even those who have only relatively recently purchased land in the Northern Agricultural Region are getting on board with NACC’s bushland fencing incentive, and are working towards a better environment.

This project is supported by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.


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