Early Christmas present with the formation of the Geraldton Coastcare Group Committee

Coastcare in the NACC NRM region just got a whole lot better, with the recent election of the Geraldton Coastcare Group committee, and just in time for Christmas!

More than 20 community members  of the new group met recently to vote-in the group’s first committee.

The group’s committee committed to working in partnership with NACC, the City of Greater Geraldton, and the existing Coastcare groups in the Geraldton region.

After a quick show of hands, nine community members put themselves forward to join the inaugural Geraldton Coastcare Group committee. They are:: Dave O’Meara, Heike Witt, Mark Canny, Mark Reid, Mic Payne, Mike Dufour, Sean Hickey, Vanessa McGuiness, and Wendy Payne.

NACC Coastal and Marine Program Coordinator Mic Payne said: “This is perhaps the first time that Coastwest has funded the formation of a new Coastcare group, and I am really excited to be part of the process. With volunteer community groups generally on the wane, it is fantastic to have a new group in the State that is reversing this worrying trend.”

After the meeting, NACC’s Coastal & Marine team organised a Volunteer Celebration BBQ to thank all of the hardworking volunteers – from the coastline-monitoring “Photomon-ers”, to all of the community members who have helped to keep our beaches clean – right along the Geraldton coastline and far beyond this year

Mic urged all interested community members to “make sure you look out for exciting new projects and more in Geraldton next year.”

For more information on NACC’s Coastal and Marine Program in and around Geraldton, please contact Vanessa McGuiness at Vanessa.McGuiness@nacc.com.au or 08 9938 0108.

This project is supported by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council through Coastwest funding.

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Please keep me informed on upcoming meetings and such for the coast are group. I am most interested in the coast north of coronation beach and the impacts of off road vehicles and campers. Regards wayne boys

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