Dreaming track takes a new path

Interest and excitement is building in the region over the proposed-Bundiyarra Muguri Dreaming Trails which are being developed by Bundiyarra Aboriginal Community Aboriginal Corporation.

Redevelopment plans for the already-established Dreaming Trails are already well-advanced, to further help tell the story and share the history behind the trails.

A recent event was conducted by the Corporation to launch the new development, which was attended by members of the public, various stakeholders and members of Parliament.

Opened by Bundiyarra chairman Ross Oakley, the launch started with a special “welcome to country” by Rob Ronan to acknowledge past and present members of the corporation.

“It was a great event, and a great opportunity to walk the trails with different speakers who explained the different sites and the special significants to Aboriginal people,” said NACC Aboriginal Liaison Officer Claude McGuire.

“Aboriginal people from far inland would sometimes spend weeks there, meeting and greeting coastal Aboriginals and trading goods and food and storytelling,” he said.

A ‘dreaming track’, is one of the paths across the land, or at times, the sky, which marks the route followed by localised ‘creator-beings’ during the Dreaming.

The paths of the song lines are recorded in traditional songs, stories, dance, and painting.

NACC Aboriginal Program Coordinator Greg Burrows said the event was a great opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal culture and historical connections with the land.

“It was also a great opportunity for the Geraldton community to acknowledge Aboriginal people and their history,” he said.

“This project is working toward supporting all people in a way that will benefit Aboriginal people as well as the local tourism industry.

“By making the Dreaming Trails accessible and interactive, more people would embrace the Aboriginal culture and its rich history.”

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