DR.SAT Updated to Help More Farmers and Growers

The Future Drought Fund’s free Drought Resilience Self-Assessment Tool (DR.SAT) has been updated with new functionality after consultations across Australia’s agricultural regions.

Improvements include easier farm boundary mapping, access to practical, pre-tested strategies to build your drought resilience without needing to log into the tool, and environmental resilience content that covers more commodities and regions.

DR.SAT gives farmers a clearer picture of past, present, and future climate trends that can impact their business and their overall resilience.

It does this by bringing together satellite data, scientific climate projections for 2030 and 2050, and pathways to resources to help find solutions to maintaining or improving resilience.

DR.SAT asks users a set of questions about their land management practices, financial management, and personal and social context -that’s the assessment part.

Responding to these questions gives users the ability to see where they’re doing well, and where they could improve, along with options to help increase their resilience.

The data is securely stored under strict privacy conditions.

DR.SAT was developed with farmers, advisors, and a host of other agricultural experts.

It links to climate change data from the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO through the Climate Services for Agriculture tool.

Since its first release in December 2021, DR.SAT has evolved by listening to feedback and applying it to each update of the tool, rolling out new functionality and content to meet user needs.

Assess your farm’s resilience at: drsat.com.au Want to help shape the future of the tool? Register now to take part in focus groups in early 2023: help@drsat.com.au

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