Dowerin delivers another great Field Day


Dowerin Machinery Field Day comes with a big reputation and it never fails to deliver. This year with over 700 exhibits, it was the biggest regional show in WA and this year celebrated its 52nd year.

With my NACC jacket and hat on, I attended this event for the first time and certainly enjoyed every hour of it. With the sun out, and little wind, conditions were ideal for the thousands of attendees descending on this small Wheatbelt town 150km NE from Perth.

As for the highlights, well were does one start? Obviously the machinery is one of the great drawcards to the event. From 170 foot self-propelled boomsprays to the newest harvesting headers and driver cab technology, the latest farmer’s toys were certainly on show. The only thing bigger than most of this equipment was their cost. It’s a good thing that this year’s harvest is going to be a bumper!

Exhibits, were another highlight of the day, particularly their diversity. From your standard Ag industry ones, to local produce and crafts, tourism, banking, camping, clothing and health, there was something for everyone. Not to mention the promotional material, gift bags and product samples that accumulated with each stall visited.

Another highlight was the people. The day also presented many opportunities to catch-up face to face with agriculture industry representatives, grower groups, NRM staff, landholders and government agencies to discuss the latest information, innovation and developments in their area. Having many groups all at one show certainly helps everyone stay in touch, which is certainly a theme not only at Dowerin, put at many of the other Ag shows across the WA. You never know who you are going to run into, or the connections that can be made on the day.

In closing, if you haven’t been to the Dowerin event before or it’s been years since you attended, I would recommend you try give next year’s event a go.

Like all regional shows, Dowerin is a celebration of Agriculture, the Southwest and the people involved in this industry and its communities. Unlike so many other events in this state, it’s not exclusive, it’s inclusive.

Rodger Walker
Natural Resource Management Officer

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