Doggy Day Out for the Shorebirds

The Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) celebrated National Bird Week over the weekend by hosting A Dog’s Breakfast at Point Moore in Geraldton.

Over 60 owners attended with their beloved canine companions to learn more about how migratory shorebirds, dogs and people can share the beach while also enjoying a free brekkie cooked by the Lions Club of Geraldton.

Guest speaker Rory Chapple from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions wowed the crowd with some incredible facts about migratory birds – they travel more than 12,000kms from the Arctic each year. He also spoke about how their populations are declining due to human disturbances.

“People can help these birds feed and rest in peace by keeping dogs on leashes and watching out for these well camouflaged species whenever they are walking or driving on the beach,” Rory said.

There were some amazing pictures of shorebirds on display at the Dog’s Breakfast event that were taken by local photographers, giving people an idea of what each species looks like. The Birdlife Midwest-Geraldton volunteers also set up fun activities focused on identifying these birds on the beach and educated people on the locations around Geraldton where your dog should be on and off leash.

Participants were invited to watch a demonstration from Tracking Dogs Geraldton who showed off their amazing dogs and their ability to locate a missing person after just one whiff.

The hardworking volunteers from Geraldton Dog Rescue were also on hand along with Central Regional TAFE vet nurse students who carried out doggy dental checks and “Pawtraits.”

Geraldton Pet Meat Supplies kindly donated a haul of top quality dog food for a few doggy obedience competitions and a raffle prize that raised over $100 for Birdlife Midwest-Geraldton. In a fantastic turn of events, most of the food from the raffle was donated back to Geraldton Dog Rescue which is an accolade to how well our local community supports each other and our furry friends in need.

One community member said: “I just want to thank everyone behind the event including sponsors. Hopefully we can now help keep birds safe and pass the knowledge onto others.”

For more information please contact NACC Coastal & Marine Project Officer Vanessa McGuiness at or on 9938 0108


The Dog’s Breakfast Events are supported by NACC, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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