Do You Have a Smart Sustainable Agriculture Idea?

This February, NACC will be calling for expressions of interest from local farmers and the wider community for activities that contribute to the improvement of soil acidity, wind erosion, organic soil carbon, or on-farm native vegetation.

NACC’s Sustainable Agriculture Projects Manager Callum Love said the primary factors that affect the health of agricultural areas in the NAR can be separated into three distinct groups: climate, land characteristics, and land management.

“While climate is a primary factor in the health and production of agricultural land, it is beyond the control of land managers. Similarly, there is little that landholders can do to control the effect of land characteristics on production.”

“It stands to reason then, that the greatest impact on the improvement of agricultural land is achieved through improved land management – the focus of this project.”

Mr Love added that he is greatly looking forward to hearing improved land management ideas from the farming community.

Examples of these project activities could include

  • Planting of fodder species or shelterbelts in areas affected by wind erosion;
  • Increasing groundcover to improve organic soil carbon;
  • Soil sampling to make management decisions for application of lime to manage soil acidity; or
  • Planting of native trees and shrubs to improve the total vegetation on-farm.

If you have any ideas for works you would like to implement on your property or would like to get a head start on the EOI process get in touch with NACC’s Sustainable Agriculture Projects Manager Callum Love at or 0438 989 500 .

NACC’s Supporting Smarter Farms project supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Landcare Partnerships initiative of the National Landcare Program.

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