Discover More From Home!

Are you learning from home? We have the tools for you!

Amid the current spread of COVID-19, many families are being confined to their homes which means learning and staying creative is more important than ever!

We have the resources so that you can still explore the diverse native flora and fauna of our region from your own backyard!

The DPIRD Biosecurity Blitz is an annual event which runs during October through November each year. It is an opportunity to join in and help discover as many interesting or damaging pests (animals, insects, diseases, weeds and aquatic pests) as possible across Western Australia. Your reporting efforts will help protect Western Australia’s agri-food industries and the natural environment from harmful exotic pests.

The Wild Pollinator Count allows you to contribute to insect conservation in Australia. Just take 10 minutes to watch flowers in your garden and take note of what you see! Then submit your observations to contribute to building a nation-wide database!

Atlas of Living Australia enables schools, scientists, community groups and the general public to explore online to find out what species live near you! You can record any sightings of birds, animals, insects and more to contribute. This project also has an online field guide to help you identify species in your garden.

iNaturalist is a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society and allows you to connect with nature, explore and share your observations with over 1 million users!

Make sure to get involved with these great initiatives to keep the boredom at bay and keep your brain stimulated!

You could be making a difference for Australian natural flora and fauna while also learning about the awesome animals, insects, plants and fungi that inhabit our wonderful region.

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