Cruising in Kalbarri

Engaging the community with our unique environment is part of NACC’s mission.

Sometimes that involves hosting farm visits or information sessions, and sometimes it involves canoes!

kalbarriLast weekend NACC partnered with Department of Parks and Wildlife and Kalbarri Adventure Tours to host our inaugural Kalbarri Canoe Cruise.

More than twenty people hiked, canoed and cooed their way around the Murchison River nestled in Kalbarri National Park.

The Murchison River gorges in the Kalbarri National Park have been carved over millions of years to form dramatic sandstone cliff faces which plummet into the Murchison River as it meanders towards the township of Kalbarri.

The tour started with a 4WD bus adventure, where participants entered the pristine landscape of the Kalbarri National Park in true outback style.

This was followed by demonstrations and discussions on the rock-wallaby translocation and monitoring, by staff from the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Shortly after, people got to stretch their legs and get up close to nature through an exciting hike down into gorge before jumping into canoes.

Participants had the opportunity to paddle along the meandering river and explore a remote section of the gorge that would otherwise be inaccessible.

NACC’s Biodiversity Coordinator Jessica Stingemore said “Learning about the reintroduction and monitoring of the threatened rock wallabies was a real highlight.”

“Even though we didn’t see any of the elusive wallabies, hearing the radio beeps of a young female wallaby only 400 metres away really brought home the importance of the work.”

“Of course the scenery was also spectacular! During the hike down into 4-Ways Gorge and then the canoe along the river, you discover the real magic of the gorges.”

This event was proudly supported by NACC, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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