#CreatureFeature – Rodanth manglesii (Mangles Everlasting)

Rhodanthe is a genus consisting of 46 species. Rhodanthe manglesii hails from the Asteraceae family and is also known as Mangles’ everlasting, paper daisies, or pink sunrays.

Rhodanthe manglesii, is a long stemmed annual species that grows to heights of up to 0.5 metres high. It has heart-shaped leaves that can grow up to 50 mm long. The plant flowers during spring and summer, in white or pink petals around a yellow centre.

There are many other species of everlasting species including Rhodanthe chlorocephala subsp. rosea which dons a pink and white flower, and Schoenia filifolia subsp. subulifolia which shows off a bright yellow flower.

Everlastings have long been a backyard essential because of their colourful display, especially in massed plantings, and low maintenance. It grows in most temperate areas, and prefers well drained soils in a sunny position.

Propagation from seed is most successful when the seed is sown in late autumn to early winter. Seedlings will usually flower within 3-4 months from sowing. The plant is able to grow and thrive in a range of colours from cuttings. Everlastings are fast growing plants, suited to cottage and bush designs and are often planted in masses.





Phoebe Royce – Communications Officer

Title photo: APACE Nursery WA & Community Education

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