#Creature Feature – Carpobrotus modestus (Inland Pigface)

Carpobrotus modestus, better known as Inland Pigface, is a succulent perennial found in the midwest and southern regions of Western Australia.

This plant flowers between August and November and dons pink/purple blooms. Usually found among inland Mallee habitat, pigface thrives in white or grey sand and clay grounds. They can also be found in areas of concentrated salinity like salt lakes.

Their flowers grow up to 2-4cm in diameter, and the shrubbery can range in colour from pale green to blue-grey. It is common for the Carpobrotus to grow in long, viney systems, providing ground cover and combatting erosion.

When it comes to the gender of these plants, they are usually unisexual, meaning they are predominantly male flowers with much fewer female flowers throughout. Male and female characteristics differ in size, with females being easily recognisable as the smaller flowers.

Historically, this plant’s fruit and leaves have been eaten both raw and cooked by Aboriginal peoples. They share similarities with their relatives, the Round Leaf Pigface and Ice Plants.

Phoebe Royce – Communications Officer

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