‘Create Ranger Parks’ a key to Connecting to Country

Last week a great initiative was launched in Perth that could change the way we think about land management.

Create Ranger Parks is a proposal to the Western Australian Government promoting the management of former pastoral leases purchased by the State Government and earmarked for conservation.

Twenty years have passed and 66 properties have remained largely un-managed. Create Ranger Parks proposes to turn the properties into national parks, accessible to all Western Australians, but managed by new Indigenous ranger teams from their respective local areas.

Ninghan station
Department of Parks and Wildlife and NACC staff with Indigenous Ranger David Green on the look out for endangered flora at Warrdaggar Hill, Ninghan Station.

The campaign also puts forward the amazing contribution Indigenous ranger teams have had on country including conservation, tourism and community development.

Richard Nelly, Community consultant, attended the launch on Tuesday, 15 November at Botanical Café in Kings Park. He said: “This proposal has huge potential for our people to go back on country, sharing knowledge, caring for country. Bringing country back to health for everyone to enjoy.”

The Northern Agricultural Catchment Council is proud to be part of this great initiative by Create Ranger Parks and are also credited in the promotional video.

NACC’s Aboriginal Participation Program Coordinator Greg Burrows took members of the Create Ranger Parks team on a recent trip to Ninghan Station to document the work being done by the Ninghan Aboriginal Ranger team and help promote the Create Ranger Parks program.

Members of the team, David Green and Vaughan Lane can be seen working in their traditional country and speaking about their roles as Aboriginal Rangers in the video launched last week, by the Create Ranger Parks team.

NACC has helped develop and support the Ninghan Aboriginal Ranger team since June 2016, to undertake prickly pear control, help in completing construction of the local Visitors Centre, remove old fencing, identifying Aboriginal heritage sites, and monitoring rare flora and fauna.

The Ninghan Aboriginal Ranger Program is supported by NACC, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme. NACC also acknowledges the collaboration of key ranger project partners, including the owners of Ninghan Station and Rangelands NRM.

Want to know more? Read about the Create Ranger Parks project.

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