Conservation group celebrates 30 years

Article via The Mid West Times

The Carnamah Land Conservation District Committee is celebrating their 30th birthday this year.

The group came together in 1985 and are celebrating three decades of land care and conservation.

To celebrate, the LCDC is looking back over its history with first president, Peter Dring.

Mr Dring became the Carnamah LCDC president after a bout of harsh weather hit the region.

“There were very wet years in 1963 and 1964, and they totally wiped out cropping production,” he said.

“Then in 1969, eastern Carnamah and Perenjori were declared a drought. All these extremes of weather caused a lot of damage.

“It led the government to realise the importance of land conservation on a regional basis.

“WA was ahead of the Eastern States in developing a co-ordinated plan with the introduction of Land Conservation District Committees in 1982.”

Under his direction between 1985 and 1991, Mr Dring was responsible for several crucial projects, including development of the Inering Catchment to include a focus on bush care.

Mr Drink, along with contractor Viv Read, was also responsible for creating plans to optimise sustainable farming. This ended with their Petan creek model used by others in the State.

Even more importantly, the debate he gave on clearing natural bush was a driving force behind the Commissioner for Soil Conservation to introduce the clearing ban, which required a permit to clear more than one hectare of natural bush.

With such a long and influential history, Mr Dring said he had a lot of good memories to reminisce over, but also had hopes for the future.

“I have enjoyed encouraging farmers to adopt the philosophy of Landcare,” he said.

“Farmers can use a revitalised Landcare group to pool knowledge, share experiences and ideas and run trials to promote new agricultural systems.

“A few successes can raise confidences to accept crops or systems not normally fitting the accepted profile.

“It is comforting to know and be reassured your farming sons and many friends and many friends continue to seek and practice Landcare principles.”

For more information on Landcare history, contact Carnamah Landcare LCDC chairwoman Paulina Wittwer.


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Congratulations to such a successful long term ‘grass roots’ group
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