Community Waterway Monitoring Project Invitation for Landholder Partcipation

Gingin Water Group has worked quietly over the past four years to understand and track the way the Department of Water controls the use of water within the ground and surface systems across the Gingin region.

It has made many submissions and organised public forums as well as presented  local issues to the DOW.

GWG must remain effective to allow the community an ongoing voice in the way our water is allocated across the full range of users.

Particularly so as the pressures on the use of water increase.

The most pressing local issue where GWG can be of immediate benefit to the community is the need to gather and collate an ongoing set of reliable data on the health of  the greater Gingin Brook system.

GWG has already commenced this monitoring and is set to take the 3rd

round of readings at 20 sites used by the DOW . The aim is for 2 monthly readings initially to build a baseline of data , then reduce to 4 per year.

All data to be professionally collected and acceptable for DOW interpretation.

To be more meaningful to farmers and the community generally the data must accurately reflect the current situation.

At this point it does not. Most of the system is in private ownership , and government agencies are not inclined to venture there , due in part to the prohibitive cost to them.

The system is vast and varied with differing functions and uses . However , each landholder is well aware that his bit is just part of a greater whole , which needs a greater level of understanding if it is to pass successfully to our offspring.

Landholders with an interest in caring for this system are invited to help GWG  build the database of conditions across the system.

The focus will be on the following areas:

  • Mungala brook catchment including the Red Gully creeks and Whitfield brook
  • Gingin brook, Moondah brook and Wowra brook and Lennard brook in the east
  • Quinn brook
  • Gingin brook to the west
  • South Moore river before and after it joins with Gingin brook and to the ocean

Project Partners

  • Gingin Water Group will collect and collate the data . Gingin Shire and Moore Catchment Council have provided the monitoring DOW will provide input and training. NACC will fund a participant landholder explanation forum and provide an explanation of short and long term goals . NACC officers will explain how each landholder’s personal data and any photo monitoring will be protected and kept private.

Description of  data collection

  • Each site will be selected in consultation with the landholder to represent the region chosen.It will be described using a standardised form for future comparison. It may be photographed using a program which allows exact reproduction over time . This operates from a mobile phone and is ideal to involve the landholder’s children in the process. Water monitoring is basic but scientifically instructive over time with proper analysis. Parameters such as temperature, pH, oxygen content, salinity and turbidity will be collected. No water will be taken off the site. Chemical analysis is expensive and not necessary at this stage of the

Monitoring personnel

  • Currently monitoring is carried out by 2 GWG committee Rodger is a NACC regional NRM field officer and Lorraine is a local resident waterways monitoring scientist (using borrowed equipment) volunteering her time. It is expected some landholders will offer to become involved in this process , though this is by no means necessary to have your section monitored.
  • The most important thing landholders can do is offer to become involved in a project fundamental to understanding and tracking this changing system. Many can bring a lifetime of personal local observations to the program. The time is well overdue when this collective experience needs recording and

Interested? Contact David Rickson 0427612918 Rodger Walker 0408891502

Media Release from Gingin Water Group Inc.


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