Community Grants Reinvigorating Biodiversity in the Northern Agricultural Region

The unique and threatened flora, fauna and ecological communities of the Northern Agricultural Region will be further protected and revived through four community projects that have just received funding from NACC NRM’s Biodiversity Community Grants. This project is supported by NACC NRM through funding by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

NACC NRM’s Biodiversity Team is pleased to announce that five projects aiming to enhance biodiversity and protect threatened species have successfully been granted funding through Round 7 of NACC’s Biodiversity Community Grant project. These projects are set to begin beneficial activities for the region’s biodiversity, such as rejuvenating threatened wildflower meadows, providing disturbance cover for birds on a popular walk trail, restoring foraging habitat for threatened species, and providing a haven for wildlife in a broadly-cleared landscape.

NACC’s Biodiversity Project Officer, Kahree Garnaut, says, “It is fantastic to see the enthusiasm locals and community groups have to protect and support their local ecosystems, and the energy they have to take on these exciting projects.”

The successful recipients of the NACC NRM Biodiversity Community Grants 2022 Round 7 are:

Conservation Council WA – Regenerating Black Cockatoo Foraging Habitat Using Slashing & Mulching Methods

This project will see senescing banksia habitat for Carnaby’s cockatoo on several properties near Lancelin undergo a process of slashing and mulching to facilitate natural regeneration where fire-initiated rejuvenation is difficult to practice.

Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions – Showy Everlasting Recovery Project

The DBCA will be leading the conservation and recovery of the threatened ‘Showy Everlasting’ (Schoenia filifolia subsp. subulifolia) in the Mingenew area by working with staff and students at the Central Regional TAFE to develop a seed orchard. At a wild population site, weed control will take place and fencing protecting a wild population from pigs will be upgraded. The location of the wild Showy Everlasting population within a remnant of the critically-endangered Eucalypt Woodlands of the WA Wheatbelt means project activities are likely to enhance the condition of the Commonwealth-listed Threatened Ecological Community (TEC). 

Birdlife Midwest-Geraldton – Bootenal Strategic Revegetation

Birdlife Midwest-Geraldton are collaborating with NACC NRM and the City of Greater Geraldton to reduce disturbance to resting and nesting waterbirds by restoring native vegetation to the riparian area at Bootenal Springs, and erecting a shade cloth fence along the walking path.

Mick & Gillian Lee – Green Wedge Revegetation Stage 1

Northampton locals will be engaging in an exciting property revegetation project to encourage wildlife habitat on-property in a largely cleared landscape. This will involve the erection of a rabbit-proof fence around the revegetation site, weed control, and planting of local habitat trees for the threatened Carnaby’s cockatoo, such as eucalypts, banksias, hakeas and grevilleas.

Guranu Reserve Rehabilitation Group – Guranu Reserve Rehabilitation Stage 1

Mingenew-based Guranu Reserve Rehabilitation Group will be working towards restoring Guranu Reserve to a healthier vegetative state after it was devastated by an intense bushfire in December 2021. This project will aim to enhance natural regeneration by promoting weed and pest animal control, enhancement vegetation of York Gums and associated species, and monitoring vegetation response.

We look forward to seeing how the projects progress and how they benefit the unique and rich biodiversity of the Northern Agricultural Region!

This project is supported by NACC NRM through funding from the Australian Government’s Environmental Restoration Fund and National Landcare Program.

Kahree Garnaut – Biodiversity Project Officer

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