Community Consultation for the NRM Strategy

September saw the NACC NRM team travelling the region to run a series of community consultation workshops as part of updating the regional NRM strategy!

The workshops were attended by 53 people representing 30 different organisations from all around the region.

The workshops focused on identifying 1) what the NRM community in the NAR believes the role of the regional NRM strategy should be, 2) regional NRM priorities, 3) progress in NRM in the region to date, and 4) the extent to which the current NRM regional strategy meets the needs and expectations of the NRM community in the NAR.

Geraldton Workshop

Through some great discussions, we learned that the passionate, knowledgeable and committed people undertaking natural resource management activities in the NAR are the region’s greatest assets, while resource constraints and competing interests are the region’s greatest challenges. Consideration of resource constraints and competing interests can help in furthering the development of different funding models, improving efficiencies, improving communication, and focusing more on advocacy.

Jurien Bay Workshop

The NRM community identified the most important roles of the regional NRM strategy as to

1) locate regional NRM activities in the context of community, state, and federal priorities,

2) provide a first port of call to connect people and identify potential partnerships,

3) articulate a regional NRM vision that is broadly relevant and identifies common goals, and 4) measure and report on progress.

Perenjori Workshop

NRM priorities important to the Northern Agricultural Region can be summarised into the following eight core themes: Biodiversity Conservation, Community Engagement, Sustainable Agriculture, Invasive Species, Coastal Management, Responding to Climate Change, Traditional Owner Engagement in NRM, and Water Management. These themes correspond closely with the existing Themes, Regional Aspirations, and Goals listed in the current regional NRM strategy (NARvis) and the themes identified in the recent online survey.

Online Workshop

Feedback specific to online platform of the strategy have highlighted the importance of the regions NRM Goals and Targets being more prominent and easier to locate on the page. In addition, feedback has emphasised the importance of the website being maintained.

The comprehensive responses that we received through the workshops is guiding and informing the update of the regional NRM strategy. You can click here to view the Workshop Summary Document.

For more information on how you can contribute to the regional NRM strategy now, please contact NARvis Project Officer Amanda Bourne via email or phone (08) 9938 0122.

Amanda Bourne – NARvis Project Officer

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