Community Coastal Grant Supports Dune Rehabilitation

The City of Greater Geraldton has put NACC NRM’s Coastal Community Grant to good use by making vital conservational changes at Glenfield Beach.

Local volunteers and contractors came together for the Glenfield Dune Resilience Project to establish a sand trapping fence as well as laying out wattle brushings to initate shrub growth.

These nature based approaches will help to regenerate a fore dune while creating a natural buffer for seasonal storms and at the same time will trap seeds to encourage vegetation to flourish over time.

The works were completed between July and November last year with the help of the Batavia Coast Network and Planet Ark who registered the project as a National Tree Day event.

Costs related to the project included the purchase of the materials for the sand trapping fencing and were covered by NACC’s grant which is aimed at rehabilitating and nurturing Western Australian coastlines.

The grant was a part of Round 8 of NACC NRM’s Community Coastal Grants which were also awarded to other seaside initiatives such as management of the Hill River Estuary and coastal revegetation at Wedge Island.  

This event is proudly supported by NACC NRM. For more information visit or call 99380129.

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Welcome back to our Caostal groups & their amazing work. Mic & Tegan return & continue their support of these coastal groups is to be congratulated. The importance of the coordination of such diverse work is a must for all NRM groups especially NACC with its amazing coastal work

Thanks for your kind words, Yvonne! Mic & Tegan sure are a killer team and have already, in such short time, completed significant work on the coastlines of the NAR!

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