Coastal Team Hits the Road!

Following a few hectic months of getting to grips with COVID-19 and then battling through funding applications, NACC NRM’s coastal team finally cleared the decks to make room for some road trips!

National Landcare Week seemed like the perfect opportunity to get on the road and reconnect with the dedicated coastcare groups and coastal managers of the Northern Agricultural Region.

First up, a day trip to dune-brushing central to catch up with Green Head Coastcare (GHC) and the Shire of Coorow. Meeting at the Green Head Gallery Café next to a warm fire and a table groaning under the weight of delicious food supplied as always by the GHC members, Tegan and Mic took part in a regular GHC meeting. where they were advised by the Shire’s Acting CEO, John Merrick, that the GHC were now a formal advisory committee to the Shire of Coorow giving them an opportunity to provide formal input to the Council on on all things coastal.

After lunch, Mic and Tegan visited some of the local Coastcare sites including access tracks to South Bay, brushing and vegetation management on the Three Bays Walkway and some track rationalisation brushing works between Leeman and Green Head. Inspection of the latter was at the request of the Tending the Tracks Alliance (TTTA), coordinated by the Conservation Council of WA, to help that groups identify a site for their next brushing blitz. The Green Head Coastcare group have done enormous amounts of brushing over several years resulting in some excellent outcomes for the local coastal environment.

The following week Mic and Tegan packed their overnight bags and headed for Jurien Bay and Cervantes, with their first stop being a special meeting with the Jurien Bay Regional Herbarium Group (JBHG) to discuss their recent projects and successes. After a coffee to warm up, Mic and Tegan headed to a number of project sites, including Pyp Grass control sites, revegetation sites past and future, and the amazing JBHG nursery. The latter, supported by the Dept of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA), was full to the brim with plants grown by the group from local provenance seed, ideal for local revegetation projects.

A quick lunch and the coastal team set off to meet Cervantes Coastcare for a tour of their sites, including more TTTA brushing sites at Thirsty Point, Pyp Grass control sites, reveg sites and some Sharp Rush infestations on the foreshore. Recent storms have wreaked havoc on the Cervantes fore dunes and some prompt dune protection works are required to ensure the dunes regenerate ASAP.

The following day Mic and Tegan met with local DBCA and Shire of Dandaragan staff to discuss collaborative projects and Coastcare support, with plenty of great ideas to work on.

The final leg of the NACC NRM Coastal road trip for August was a visit to the Hill River estuary to view recent Sharp Rush control works and plan the next assault on this pernicious weed. As an aside, we were fortunate to gain access to the site via the Turquoise Way path running south of Jurien Bay, and if you haven’t jumped on a bike and availed yourself of that experience then there is no time to lose.

The NACC NRM Coastal Team would like to thank all of the great Coastcarers and coastal managers who helped make this a productive trip and we are looking forward to getting started on the resulting project ideas. Next up, a trip to the distant southern coastal reaches of the NAR – stay tuned.

Mic Payne & Tegan Knowles – Coastcare Support Officers

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