Cleaning Up WA

Tangaroa Blue Foundation’s (TBF) annual WA Clean-up took place from the 13th to the 15th of October, with over 80 clean-ups registered throughout the state!

NACC NRM’s Coastal & Marine team Mic and Alanah, with help from our Aboriginal Custodianship Coordinator Priscilla, joined the Leaning Tree Steiner School at Drummonds Cove for a morning of collecting and sorting marine debris. The students, aged from Year 1 to Year 9, spent the morning removing 5kg of beach debris and another 7kgs from carpark and picnic areas. It was fantastic to see and collect such a small amount of debris from the beach! This made for a busy morning of enjoying the sand and sea wrack, and learning more about coastal biodiversity.

Greenough River Friends also had a very busy weekend with the second Birdlife Midwest Dog’s Breakfast hosted on Saturday morning, and their WA Beach Clean-up on Sunday morning. The team collected 9.5kgs of debris from the beach and another 3kg of rubbish from along the river and near the rowing shed!

Thank you to everyone who participated in a clean-up and also to anyone who takes 3 (and often more) for the sea when visiting the beach! Don’t forget the importance of data to inform management decisions and instigate long-term change! Where possible, please submit your beach cleanup data to the Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI) Database, coordinated by TBF. Check out the online database, or the AMDI app for easy data input from your phone!

Alanah Campbell – Coastcare Support Officer

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