Clean Up Australia Day

In just a few short weeks it will be March which means Clean Up Australia Day is almost here.

Geraldton is home to some of the best beaches and bushland in Australia and the City of Greater Geraldton is calling members of the community to come together to help keep it that way.

Every year tonnes of rubbish plagues our environment and Clean Up Australia Day aims to reduce litter that is impacting our streets, parks and waterways.

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn encouraged members of the community to register.

“Registering for Clean Up Australia Day is really easy and simple – you can either join an existing group or create your own,” he said.

“The more people involved, the more fun it is for everyone. You can even round out the day with a sausage sizzle and nice cold drink.

“Put on your gloves and help us reduce waste in our local parks, streets, bushland and beaches for a cleaner local environment.”

The major source of rubbish in WA is plastics, closely followed by paper, metals, glass, polystyrene, wood and rubber.


“Some of these items can take up to 500 years to breakdown. Chemicals are also released in the breakdown process, which are harmful to flora and fauna,” added Mayor Van Styn.

To support those partaking in Clean Up Australia Day, the City will provide additional bags and gloves as well as bins through ToxFree who are generously supporting the day with the delivery and pickup of skip bins.

National Clean Up Australia Day is held on Sunday 4 March and is an all-day event.

There is also a Business Clean Up Day on Tuesday 27 February as well as a Schools Clean Up Day on Friday 2 March.

To join in on a registered clean up site visit Before registering a new site please contact the City’s Community Development Officer to check suitability and obtain support with bins, gloves and bags.

Clean Up Australia Day is also supported by NACC and Woolworths Seacrest.

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