Chapman River Estuary Community and Stakeholder Workshop

NACC NRM’s Coastal and Marine team were joined by the City of Greater Geraldton and the local community and stakeholders for an input focused workshop advising a management plan for the Chapman River Estuary.

The Chapman River Estuary is a place of cultural significance to many Aboriginal people and is a federally listed Threatened Ecological Community, home to migratory shore birds, turtles and other wildlife whose habitat needs to be maintained and protected.

Stakeholders and community members were invited to share and discuss their values, concerns and ideas to protect and conserve the Chapman River Estuary going forward. With much to love and appreciate about the area, the passionate group had a lot to discuss. Splitting into smaller working groups, outputs of specific issues and solutions and spatial ideas were produced.

This process of engaging thoroughly with community members helps determine what actions can be taken to enhance the unique environment of the estuary, while supporting the cultural values and recreational uses of the area.

The next steps for this process are further engagement with the community and stakeholders through an online survey, targeted meetings and a feedback workshop on the 12th of May to discuss the draft management plan in regards to the input given at the first workshop. If you would like to provide input for this project, you can access the online survey here:

To register for the second workshop please contact Alanah Campbell at or 0429 967 975.

The Plan will provide a transparent way forward for management of the area and clearly define the expectations and responsibilities of the land manager and other local stakeholders. Once the plan is complete identified works can be implemented.

This project is supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program.

Alanah Campbell – Coastcare Support Officer

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