Change Starts Gnow – Malleefowl Protection Program Running at Full Speed

Over 100 hectares of SAF Ltd land has been allocated to the protection of the iconic threatened species Leipoa occellata more commonly known as Malleefowl. This partnership project between NACC and SAF Ltd farm manager, Ken Sevenson will work to re-establish Malleefowl habitat over a three year period.   

This site – like many parts of the region – faces several challenges and after a season of low rainfall and above average temperatures, infill planting will be undertaken in 2020 in attempt to reach optimal plant density of 1000 plant/ha for Malleefowl habitat.  

SAF Ltd Director David Gaskell with NACC NRM Bushcare Officer Jarna Kendle

NACC Bushcare Officer Jarna Kendle says this project  will run over a three year period with annual monitoring to record progress.  

“We hope this project can create connectivity across the landscape, linking remnant vegetation patches and increasing Malleefowl habitat available for dispersal, mound building and foraging ”.

Habitat loss is believed to be the biggest threat to the Malleefowl, who as their name suggests, prefer Mallee vegetation but have also been found in woodlands dominated by eucalypt, Acacia and native pine.  All of which have been in decline since European settlement.

Mr Sevenson says this is a unique piece of land that would benefit greatly from revegetation and NACC’s support.

“The opportunity to provide a viable habitat for future Malleefowl populations was fully supported by our directors. Our future plan is to locate more potential sites on our other farms in this region for similar Gnow or Never projects.”

For more information on this initiative please contact NACC’s Bushcare Officer, Jarna Kendle on 08 9938 0100.

This project has been made possible with funding from the Australian National Landcare Program supported by NACC NRM.

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