CEO’s final message for 2015

It’s been a very good year

Somehow, ten months of my life have sped past … and I find myself approaching my first summer break at the helm of the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council.

It has been a great year for me personally, and for all of us here at NACC, with much achieved, and much to be proud of.

But virtually none of those achievements have been accomplished in isolation, so I’d like to take this end-of-year opportunity to say a huge “Thank You” to everyone who has supported us, worked with us, championed us, or made some other contribution to help NACC and our partners achieve our sustainable natural resource management goals.

I’d also like to wish all of you a happy, safe, relaxing, re-energising, and fulfilling festive season. I look forward to reconnecting with all of you again in 2016 – and to continuing our collaborative journey towards a more sustainable future.

NARSAN Charter

Speaking of collaboration; I was really proud, on behalf of NACC, to sign-up to the Northern Agricultural Region Sustainable Agriculture Network (NARSAN) Charter this week – which a number of agriculture production and NRM groups launched and signed in Mingenew on Tuesday. (See story elsewhere in NACC Notes.)

The NARSAN Charter received a comprehensive endorsement by all of the groups which signed-up in Mingenew, with an expectation that the Charter will eventually be signed by all relevant groups in the region once they have had the opportunity to physically attend a NARSAN meeting.

The motivation behind the formation of the NARSAN, and the charter, was primarily to catalyse and cement cooperation among the groups, but the eventual potential outcomes of that collaboration could be much, much more.

There was an amazing spirit of joint good-will at the meeting, with a real commitment made by all participants to seek and secure the advantages that are to be gained from a much more collaborative style of working together.

Everyone at the meeting was “charged” by the signing of the Charter, and (I think) inspired to create real value-add to each other’s work in the region in the years ahead.

You can see why I, and all of us at NACC, are already really looking forward to 2016 with great expectation and anticipation.

Richard McLellan



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