Imagine if getting Australians back to work also helped nature to heal…

Many industries and small businesses across Australia are reeling from devastating bushfires, floods, storms and now COVID-19.

Thankfully our region has been mostly fortunate with regards to the impact of bushfires, floods and the health crisis elements of COVID-19, though I appreciate many business are still heavily impacted by the flow on effects of the restrictions which have been required to ‘flatten the curve’.

My heart goes out to all of those people who find themselves without employment at the present time. I hope that everyone is finding all of the support that they need, whether that be financial or otherwise in these challenging times.

NACC NRM has been fortunate and agile in its adaptation to the current circumstances and I am excited about the opportunities we have been able to seize in the COVID-19 environment.

As part of supporting the national economic stimulus effort, NACC NRM contributed a proposal – along with over 70 other conservation organisations from across Australia – to a National Conservation Stimulus Proposal which has been submitted to the Prime Minister. The proposal submitted for the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR) would provide jobs for at least an additional 70 people across the region in a range of roles from unskilled to professional and could deliver considerable conservation outcomes for the region.

During the last two weeks I have had the opportunity to discuss the NAR proposal with a number of politicians – at a state and federal level – to advocate for the Natural Resource Management industry as one instrument in the economic recovery of WA.

While our sector’s contribution to economic recovery will not be enough to carry the load alone, this situation presents a significant opportunity to not only support job seekers but also achieve outcomes for the environment at the same time.

If you are interested in supporting this proposal you can share this video via any of our social platforms including our very new Instagram account @nacc_nrm.

Land management and conservation plan

Imagine if getting Australians back to work also helped nature to heal…Conservation and farming groups have come together to offer a plan to do just that – employ tens of thousands of Australians in land management and conservation as part of the bridge to recovery as we respond to coronavirus.What do you think of this idea? We can repair degraded river systems and areas burnt out in this summer’s bushfires. We can tackle weeds, feral animals and improve farm sustainability. Young people, tourism operators, tradies, retail workers – amongst others who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own – can be given a lifeline with safe, meaningful and socially beneficial work, which can leave enduring benefits, especially in rural and remote Australia, for the environment, tourism and farm businesses. Surely this is a plan worth supporting?

Posted by Landcare Australia on Wednesday, 6 May 2020

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