CEO Blog: A Year of Highs & Lows

Last week, NACC NRM held our 2023 Annual General Meeting where staff, board, members, and community came together to reflect on the 2022-23 financial year. I would like to share with you a recap of the year; a journey filled with challenges, milestones, and the unwavering spirit that defines NACC NRM.

The past financial year presented NACC NRM with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. One of the standout achievements was the successful delivery of our five-year funding program, the Regional Land Partnerships, thanks to support from the Australian Government. This was a groundbreaking model for all NRM organisations across Western Australia and Australia. We are proud to share that we managed the associated risks effectively, delivering an extensive range of proposed project services.

While we exceeded most project goals, one ambitious target remained elusive: having the Malleefowl delisted as a threatened species. However, our efforts had a positive impact and contributed to the species’ trajectory in alignment with national-scale conservation ambitions.

Our engagement with the Australian Government’s five-year procurement program was an educational journey. It not only allowed us to gain invaluable insights, but it also provided opportunities to grow as an organisation. We are grateful for the lessons learned and the ways in which these lessons have empowered us to better serve our community and region.

In October of 2022, we realised a long-standing dream – a permanent base of operations in the NACC NRM Enterprise Hub. This move, however, was bittersweet. We celebrated our achievement, moving into the building while still mourning the loss of our beloved Corporate Services Manager, Mr. Tom Maina, who was passionate about this strategic idea.

The Enterprise Hub is not just a building; it represents strategic opportunities. It provides us with a space to transition between programs, while acting as an asset for generating revenue to support future regional NRM projects. We aspire to develop the Hub into a community centre for NRM and environmental innovation, with plans for exciting events, workshops, and more.

In November of 2022, NACC NRM was recognised at the Mid West Chamber of Commerce & Industries Business Excellence Awards. We were grateful to have been presented three awards; the Aboriginal Engagement award, Not-for-Profit award, and most momentous, the Business of the Year award. Receiving these awards was a reminder of the NACC NRM team’s hard work and achievements, made possible through support from our members, partners, and community.

The past financial year was full of achievements. From safeguarding endemic threatened flora species to confirming the northernmost breeding population of Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos, our efforts were fruitful. We also continued our support for coastal biodiversity and ecosystems. Additionally, our focus on natural capital and carbon markets will empower us to provide better support to landholders facing emerging challenges.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to our purpose: ensuring that the Northern Agricultural Region community values and actively protects our natural assets. We are prepared to navigate the challenges that lie ahead in the 2023-24 financial year. Our efforts in the realm of natural capital, environmental social governance, and nature markets will create opportunities for positive environmental outcomes in the region.

NACC NRM CEO Katherine Allen with NACC NRM’s current Board.

This year’s AGM saw us farewell two current NACC NRM Board Directors, Robert Keogh and Miriam Stanborough. We extend our thanks to Rob and Miriam who have each made valuable contributions to NACC NRM during their term on the Board, and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. In particular, I would like to acknowledge Dr Robert Keogh’s contribution as Chair of NACC NRM from 2015 to 2022.

Following their departure, we are pleased to welcome two new Directors, Will Easton and Catherine Galli, whose four-year term on the Board commenced at the AGM.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our members, the Board, and the NACC NRM team for their unwavering support. Your commitment and resilience have been instrumental in making our journey through the 2022-23 financial year a success, despite its complexities. Your continued support is greatly appreciated; thank you.

Check out the 2022/2023 Annual Reports webpage for a full rundown of the financial year.

Katherine Allen – CEO

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