Celebrating National Agriculture Day

In celebration of National Agriculture Day which was officially held on November 21, this week’s NACC Notes has been jam-packed with stories about farming, food and all things agriculture.

While most of us recognise that we are reliant on agriculture for our bread and milk, it is easy to forget how truly important this industry is when we wander through the aisles of our local supermarket, buy a new shirt, or drive through the countryside.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the gross value of Agriculture in Australia in 2015-16 was $56billion.

Our own region, the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR), covers an area of approximately 7.5 million hectares with more than 70 per cent of land in the NAR dedicated to farming. Broad-acre cropping and livestock are the main agricultural industries in the region, although the region also has other industries such as horticulture.

Agriculture relies on natural resources such as soil, water, and vegetation to remain productive, while our agriculture-dominated landscapes rely on our farmers to protect and maintain those natural resources for future generations. Natural Resource Management organisations like NACC are working with farmers to do just that.

Over the last 10 years, NACC has delivered more than 35 different projects through its Sustainable Agriculture Program and engaged more than 10,000 people through these projects. Together, NACC and local farmers have addressed a number of challenges such as salinity, wind erosion, soil acidity, soil compaction, loss of vegetation, and climate variability.

These projects only happen because of passionate people who want to ensure their farms will be passed-on to future generations. Our local farmers hope to continue providing fibre and food, wood for our furniture, flowers for our table, and medicine to cure our ailments for many years to come.

Agriculture is fundamental to our economic, social, and environmental wellbeing – so don’t forget to think about our farmers next time you go shopping, and support them by choosing some of the amazing variety of produce grown locally in Australia.

If you want to learn more about Australian agriculture why not check out the National Farmers’ Federation 2017 Food, Fibre & Forestry Facts:  https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/f1f1d0_737a2336aebf4849911c70b74a132c5b.pdf

Did you know? The Geraldton area produces more than 80% of Australia's continental cucumbers!

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