Celebrating National Agriculture Day with NACC NRM

This year on National Ag Day, our NACC NRM RALF’s, Shannah and Belle, teamed up with Gilly from the Midwest Food Industry Alliance to host a National Ag Day local produce BBQ breakfast.  

We were proud to be able to celebrate #AgDayAU 2022 by highlighting some of the fantastic produce of the Northern Ag region, along with some of the incredible work currently being done by our local ag industry. 

National Ag Day is a pretty important time of year, especially when farmers are giving up having dinner with their own families so that you can have yours. This is a way to celebrate them and appreciate the fantastic job that they are doing. 

Agriculture accounts for over a third of the Northern Agricultural Region’s (NAR) economy. With 70 per cent of the land in the NAR dedicated to farming, sustainability of this sector means sustainability of the region. While agricultural land is productive, it’s also under immense environmental stress. Some of the environmental pressures are wind erosion, soil degradation, salinity, and climate change. NACC’s Sustainable Agriculture Program is dedicated to helping farmers tackle environmental issues and ensure the sustainability of their natural resources. 

National Ag Day was a perfect link to Outcome 6 of the National Landcare Program, which is an increase in the capacity of agricultural systems and those involved to adapt to significant changes in climate and market demands for information on provenance and sustainable production. Our National Ag Day BBQ Breakfast aimed to provide a link between producers and consumers and be a source for information and understanding about local provenance and production. 

Here are some fun facts that we learnt about the Australian Agricultural Industry this year: 

  • Each Aussie farmer produces enough food to feed 600 people 
  • Farmers are custodians of 51% of Australia’s land mass 
  • More than 99% of our agricultural businesses are Australian- owned 
  • Agriculture employs over 300,000 Australians 
  • Agriculture is leading Australia’s emissions reduction efforts 

Some of the amazing produce featured on the day included:  

  • Fresh Flowers from Chally Bridge Farms 
  • Eggs (from Lirravale) 
  • Bacon (from Gearing Butchers) 
  • Sausages (from Mick Davies Butcher) 
  • Halloumi and fresh yoghurt (from Bookara Goat Dairy) 
  • Granola (from Red Lime Jones) 
  • Bread rolls from both Mingenew Bakery and Dongara Bakery 
  • An arrangement of sweet treats from My Provincial Kitchen 
  • Cucumbers, eggplants and capsicum from Sun City Produce
    • Canola Oil from Block 275 
  • Olive Oil from Chapman River Olives  
  • Fresh juices from Spruce Juice 
  • Coffee from Tarts and Co 
  • Honey from Geraldton Garden Honey and BeeLoved By Me and the Bee
  • An assortment of condiments from Brons Paddock and Chapman Valley Fresh Produce
  • And many more

Thank you to everyone who celebrated National Ag Day, whether it was throwing on a green shirt for the day or coming to join in the celebration with us! This amazing industry deserves to be celebrated, and we hope everyone who attended learnt a thing or two while enjoying our delicious breakfast! 

This event is supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Landcare Partnerships initiative of the National Landcare Program. 

Shannah Kanny – Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator

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Sorry I wasn’t able to join you to celebrate this amazing day, as I was isolating to keep my bugs reduced.
Hopefully will get there next year to help celebrate our diverse foods.

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