Carnaby That Time of the Year Already!

Arriving in June this year the Murchison House Station Carnaby’s wasted no time in doing their part to save their species.

NACC NRM, Birdlife and Murchison House Station are in our 3rd year of monitoring this amazing population of endangered cockatoos and we are excited to report our first monitoring effort of the season.

Tuesday 19 July NACC’s Biodiversity team Jarna Kendle and Kane Watson headed to Kalbarri to have a quick sticky beak in 8 of the previously recorded natural hollows. Jarna reported ‘of the hollows we checked we were ecstatic to find that 3 hollows contained 2 eggs, 1 had a single egg and one had a hen that we suspect may have been protecting a newly hatched chick’.

NACC NRM and Murchison House Station owners Calum and Belinda continue to partner to protect Carnaby’s on their amazing property. The key threat to black cockatoos in WA is habitat loss and Calum and Belinda are committed to protecting and enhancing this valuable habitat on their station with on ground work planned to protect key forage habitat and breeding sites.  

If you would like to know more about NACC NRM’s Black cockatoo project or the incentives available please contact NACC Biodiversity Program Coordinator Jarna Kendle on or 0477 177 164

This project is proudly supported by NACC NRM through funding from the Australian Government’s Environmental Restoration Fund.

Jarna Kendle – Biodiversity Program Coordinator

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