Caring for our planet: “Never let it rest”

This week’s column from our CEO Richard McLellan

I’m proud to have been invited to contribute to a new initiative launched earlier this year called Everyday Futures – a collaboration between the Australian National Museum, the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales and the Australian National University.

The full title of the project is Everyday Futures: Understanding Australia in the Age of Humans: Localizing the Anthropocene, looking at “how are people across Australia responding to the environmental, social and moral challenges of the Anthropocene – the Age of Humans – that we face now and into the future?”

An iconic Australia Firm

The brief: Choose an object from the places you love, and tell a story about the changes happening there … a story about living in the Anthropocene.

I chose an object from my childhood that made a long and lasting impression on me – on many fronts. It is the Furphy’s Farm Water Cart – one of which was a fixture on our farm at Kellerberrin for decades and a source of a long-lasting, life lesson, thanks to an inscription on the tank, and my father’s insistence that his children always strive to do their the best.

You can read my Everyday Futures contribution here: Caring for our planet: “Never let it rest”

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