Caring for Coastal Saltmarsh 

NACC NRM is taking action to protect and conserve Subtropical and Temperate Saltmarsh within our region, with our Coastal & Marine team leading the way. 

The Threatened Ecological Community (TEC) of Subtropical and Temperate Saltmarsh is poorly understood in the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR). ‘Improving Subtropical & Temperate Coastal Saltmarsh’ is one of NACC NRM’s more recent projects, and aims to identify and assess TEC areas to allow for protection and conservation, as well as future management.  

Saltmarsh TEC will be mapped using flora and hydrological surveys, with priority TEC areas then undergoing condition assessment to inform threat assessment and abatement recommendations. Threat abatement actions will include weed control, access control, and debris removal.  

To guide future conservation investment, community consultation, mapping, assessments, and recommendations will inform the curation of a Regional Saltmarsh Management Plan.  

Undertaking this project is NACC NRM’s Coastal & Marine team, Coastcare Officer Dr Michael Payne and Coastal & Marine Project Officer Joshua Burney. For further information, check out the project webpage, or get in touch. 

Dr Michael Payne – Coastcare Support Officer

E | P (08) 9938 0104 | M 0408 236 371 

Joshua Burney – Coastal & Marine Project Officer

E | P (08) 9938 0115 | M 0429 967 975 

This project is jointly funded by the Australian Government Natural Heritage Trust and NACC NRM, a member of the Commonwealth Regional Delivery Partners panel. 

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