Carbon salinity project draws to a close

As 2016 draws to a close, so too does a fantastic collaborative project entitled ‘Pilot to Test Carbon Driven Solutions to Salinity’ – in which NACC has partnered with the Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA).

The project was first launched back in early 2012, with a workshop in Kalannie, and the beginning of ground-breaking research and field work across the NACC NRM region.

Field work was carried-out on nine carbon sequestration sites on six farms within the region, and two ‘multi-purpose’ demonstration sites, and farmers and other interested members of the community were able to learn more about the project and carbon farming at a number of workshops.


Preliminary Findings

Among the preliminary findings of the study was that saline land can sequester substantial amounts of carbon, but the extent to which this can occur will be determined by a range of conditions, including access to moisture and the use of salt tolerant species.


There was considerable variation in carbon sequestration between species and planting layouts – ranging between 121 tonnes of CO2-e/ha after 23 years on an alley planting of trees, to 8 tonnes of CO2-e/ha after 11 years on a grazed saltbush paddock.

The study also showed that planting in saline areas provides a range of other land stewardship benefits such as improved wildlife habitat, mitigating land degradation, and providing fodder reserves for livestock.
The ‘Pilot to Test Carbon Driven Solutions to Salinity’ is a collaborative project between NACC, the Department of Agriculture and Food WA and the Forest Products Commission. The project is funded by the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program.

Further information on the project is available by reading (or downloading) the project report here.

Another publication arising from the project and also available online is the second edition of “Trees and Shrubs for the Midlands and Northern Wheatbelt”.

For more information on this project, please contact NACC Carbon Farming Coordinator Sarah Jeffery 9938 0110 or

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