Capturing the Moment

The Midwest Bird Photography Competition Exhibition at Greenough Museum and Gardens launched on Saturday the 10th of December.

The opening event featured the announcement of the winning entries in four categories, as well as the judge’s artistic award and judge’s encouragement award. Congratulations to all winners and entrants.

Alice Bishop of Midwest Birdlife opened the exhibition, displaying magnificent captures of local birds in their natural environment. The photographs displayed throughout the museum are complimented by the beautiful grounds surrounding the historic building.

NACC NRM’s Coastcare Support Officer Dr Mic Payne spoke to the crowd of eager bird watchers, photographers and coastcarers of the continual motivation and enthusiasm of Midwest “birdos” in the coastal conservation field.

This exhibition highlights the dedication, patience and passion that is characteristic of Birdlife members, coastcare volunteers and the wider wildlife photography community.

The exhibition is on display until the 29th of January 2023!

Supported through Community Grants made possible by CoastWest Funding.

Alanah Campbell – Coastcare Support Officer

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Awesome event and huge thanks to all sponsors, supporters and organisers and museum for hosting
Thanks NACC for your assistance ….. awesome effort by all and sundry to highlight our amazing birdlife and create awareness in the local community … congrats to everyone who entered …. You all contributed in such a special way to showcasing the amazing birdlife in the Midwest

Best wishes everyone for 2023 Heather Beswick

Are the winners of each section to read some where.
Ross Barden

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