Calling All Sheep Producers

Are you interested in what sheep production systems could look like in 2030 and 2050?

DPIRD researchers are seeking producers running a mixed farm in the medium to low rainfall zone, to be part of a new reference group to identify and evaluate innovations that may help farmers adapt to a hotter, drier climate. The reference group will play a pivotal role in the project known as Future Sheep, which is part of the SheepLinks program ( The group promises hands-on involvement for producers and offers a chance to work with climate scientists and to have a say in the shape of future livestock production systems.

So, what does DPIRD want from you if you put your hand up?

The Reference Group will play a key role in ensuring that the work is regionally relevant by:

  • interpreting future climate scenarios;
  • informing the features and production assumptions of the representative farms;
  • co-designing the adaptation options to be examined;
  • reviewing model outputs, and
  • providing critical feedback.

And, what do you get in return?

  • An opportunity to work with climate scientists, farm economists and farm modellers;
  • Have a say in what the future of livestock production systems might look like for the next generation of farmers; and
  • Share experiences and knowledge with like-minded farmers and industry representatives.

The research team aims to hold meetings on the farms of the reference group members, presenting an opportunity to be directly exposed to alternative farming systems in practice. The current expectation is a total of four meetings in the first year, and a bit of email correspondence in-between.

If you would like to know more and are considering being involved, please contact:  Janet Conte on 9368 3206 or

Annabelle Garratt – Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator

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