Call to get behind the Landcare community

There are more than 5,400 community conservation and land stewardship groups around Australia – planting trees, tackling invasive weeds, restoring habitats for endangered species, regenerating dunes along our expansive coastline … and much, much more.

These groups are creating positive outcomes for our environment, which is their ultimate goal, but are simultaneously bringing and keeping individuals and communities together.

Landcare groups brings tens of thousands of Aussies together, who give their passion, time, and energy to achieve the positive outcomes that many of us take for granted.
There is so much they can do. They have the personnel, wherewithal, and dedication to start a project, but not always the funds.

That’s where the rest of the community can come in. Their help can be invaluable too, even if just by donating. Your contribution can make such a difference. Every dollar counts.

Please visit the Landcare Australia website at:

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