Building bridges for bushfood

biancas pics 1423The flavours of the bush are beautiful, and luckily for those who relish the tastes, more of them are coming to the Northern Agricultural Region very soon.

Bringing back the bushfood is a result of a collaboration between Bundiyarra Aboriginal Community Aboriginal Corporation and Drylands Permaculture Nursery who have re-engaged in a partnership that began many years ago.

Way back in 2003, Nursery Managing Director Julie Firth assisted local traditional bushfood expert Mrs Dora Dann in the publication of the Waranygu Bayalgu Digging for Food book.

With assistance from NACC’s Aboriginal Participation Team, and consultation with Mrs Dann’s family, Bundiyarra have begun the planning for a “Waranygu Bayalgu Bush Garden”, which will be based on, and inspired by, Mrs Dann’s book.

The garden will be located on the Bundiyarra grounds in the middle of Rangeway, Geraldton.

The Waranygu Bayalgu (which means “digging for food”) Bush Garden, will encourage and support the transfer of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and permaculture practises, with a strong focus on youth and community.

Stay tuned to NACC Notes in coming months to hear more about this bush food garden partnership.


Wonderful initiative!!

I agree an awesome project.

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