Building a Buzz Around Beneficial Bugs

NACC NRM are excited to announce our successful application for a small Community Stewardship Grant at the end of 2020.

This new project will demonstrate how to increase beneficial insects in horticulture systems, while reducing pest insects and reducing pesticide use, through the use of habitat manipulation techniques.

The project will work closely with Professor Geoff Gurr and his team who are based at Charles Sturt University along with local representatives from DPIRD, and two NAR growers, Bao Duy Nyugen of Sun City Produce, and Jack Davoren of Chally Bridge Farms.

The project aims to extend research trials which Professor Gurr and his team have been heavily involved in. Previous Australian and international trials have looked at applied insect ecology and the development of ecologically-based strategies to combat pests.

The trials aim to promote the activity of natural enemies of pests while simultaneously delivering other ecosystem services to create a property-wide productive system to deliver natural pest suppression.

Both properties will also be establishing strategic windbreaks, using a diverse mix of native species. NACC NRM’s RALF Annabelle Garratt managed to catch up with the growers just before Christmas, along with Ian Pulbrook of Greenoil Tree Nursery, to carry out the initial site assessments.

For more information about this project please contact Lizzie King.

(E) or (P) 0447 361 335

Lizzie King – Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator


Hi Lizzie,
Not sure if this applies to your grant but think it is important enough to mention. My husband was treating areas of Calthrop last week with Roundup when he noticed the plants were covered with a tiny black sucker like insects which moved when he sprayed. The Calthrop plants did not look healthy. Just wondering if these insects may be a biological control for Calthrop or at least slow them down and make them unhealthy enough to stop them setting seed. We are broad acre farmers not horticulturalists so may not apply to us, but if not maybe you can point us in the right direction? My husband tells me the rain forecast next week may clean them up as then they may not be so thirsty that they need moisture from Calthrop plants

Carol Northover

Hi Carol,
Thanks for getting in touch! The Sustainable Agriculture team have been notified of your situation and will get back to you at their earliest convenience!
All the best & good luck!

great team work NACC, lets get the word out to the general community not just we environmental supporters

Thanks for your support, Yvonne!

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