Borrow and Bring Back

Have you heard the latest? Boomerang Bags have made it to Geraldton! But what are Boomerang Bags?

According to the Boomerang Bags website: “Boomerang Bags work to reduce the use of plastic bags by engaging local communities in the making of Boomerang Bags – community made using recycled materials, Boomerang Bags provide a free, fun, sustainable alternative to plastic bags.

Boomerang Bags Geraldton Facebook page.

“By getting involved with Boomerang Bags, you are participating in a national movement that celebrates a local grassroots initiative, community building and sustainability.”

Just like the idea that a boomerang always comes back, Boomerang Bags are designed to be shared by users with people bringing the bags back to the shops. Any excess bags not being used are returned to where they were borrowed for someone else to utilise.

Boomerang bags have arrived in the Mid-West as a result of the efforts of a working group which was set up in early 2017 who have since been meeting for regular sewing bees at the Geraldton Residential College on the second and fourth Saturday of the month. The results? Lots of new Boomerang Bags in the city.

More help needed

Not surprisingly, if we want to help replace the tens of thousands of plastic bags that get used once and thrown-out in Geraldton, lots of Boomerang Bags are required. And here’s the opportunity for anyone in the community.

People can help by contributing:

  • old sheets, curtains, pillow cases, or fabric suitable for making shopping bags;
  • sewing thread, fabric scissors, pins and sewing notions;
  • fabric screen printing ink;
  • other reusable bags that could be recycled/reused?

These sorts of things are perfect for making Boomerang Bags and can be used at the sewing bees. You do not need to be a sewer to be able to help out! There are loads of ways you can help too.

To make the bags, we need an army of people to:

  • cut fabric,
  • screen print logos,
  • sew the bags; and
  • collect and deliver materials.

Where can I drop materials off?

  • NACC offices – 201 Lester Ave Geraldton

Where will I find Boomerang Bags?

  • Geraldton Fruit & Vegetable Supply 54-56 Gregory Street
  • Nature’s Choice Health Food Shop 53 Marine Terrace
  • Berry’s Pharmacy @ Panaceum233 Lester Avenue

More locations to come! If your business would like to support Boomerang Bags, please contact Jo Bunker on 0498 948 400.

NEXT Sewing Bee is on 27 May at the Geraldton Residential College.

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Just a great idea- will pass on and hope to be able to get you some material

Geraldton Greenough Farmers Market would be delighted to be a place for customers to acquire boomerang bags.
It is the only true farmers market in Geraldton, with produce direct to consumers every Saturday morning 8am till Noon at Maitland Park

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