Boost to healthy estuary project

Citizen Science is on the rise in some of the Northern Agricultural Region’s most precious waterways, thanks to a second successful round of Coastwest funding provide by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Bob Johnson (Friends of Moore River Estuary) and Ryan Kam (Department of Water) at Moore River Estuary.
Bob Johnson (Friends of Moore River Estuary) and Ryan Kam (Department of Water) at Moore River Estuary.

The Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC)’s  Healthy Estuaries project, a collaboration with the Department of Water, has just received a welcomed funding boost, allowing the project to continue water quality testing at Moore River Estuary, as well as Hill River Estuary.

This new funding allows NACC and the Department of Water to engage local community members in the Shire of Dandaragan to monitor water quality in the Hill River Estuary, in addition to the current water quality projects undertaken at the Moore River Estuary.

Want more to do with the water?

NACC are now looking for community members with an interest in looking after the Hill River to become estuary monitoring volunteers.

NACC Project Officer Hamish Longbottom said” “This is a great opportunity for local people to take part in a real Citizen Science project. All data collected is uploaded to the Department of Water, Water Information Network (WIN) database to inform land use planning in the catchment.”

“In addition, the data will also be displayed on the regional natural resource management website, NARvis.”

The Friends of Moore River Estuary (FOMRE), who have been monitoring estuary health at Guilderton for about 12 months, have found the project to be very rewarding.

Hamish said the group: “Continue to show their dedication to the project and strive to get a better understanding of the process of analysing water samples. Their results in turn will lead to improved management of this beautiful natural asset.”

A training workshop will be held in Jurien Bay in November which will highlight the importance of monitoring and best-practise techniques to conduct monitoring and include a presentation on Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the Hill River system from a Yued representative.

To get involved in estuary monitoring at Hill or Moore River or for more information about the Healthy Estuaries project go to NACC’s Healthy Estuaries page.

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