Biodiversity Doesn’t Always Mean Locking Up Land!

The very first site implemented under NACC NRM’s Growing Great Ground can now officially be labelled a success thanks to a substantial improvement in groundcover at the site!

Initially the site was at high risk of wind erosion after a history of annual crop rotation and pressure from salinity and grazing, resulting in sub 10% groundcover for part of the year.

An important step in improving this site was establishing annual cover to protect the site while larger fodder species have established. The land owner is thrilled and already making plans to extend the on-ground work.

NACC NRM have also identified three more sites to undertake this innovative planting method that will host a mixture of fodder and native species to create a multi-storey grazing system, whilst improving on-farm biodiversity, without having to ‘lock up’ land.

There is still a window of opportunity to get involved if you have a similar project in mind. Now is the time to get in touch to discuss any groundcover projects you would like to undertake! NACC NRM is offering incentives of up to $200/ha for sites looking to increase groundcover. In addition to this, we are keen to hear about innovative approaches to achieving your groundcover and on-fram biodiversity goals. We know lots of landholders have had success with perennial grasses, native grasses and mixed plantings in recent years. What new approaches have you taken?

Expressions of interest are open year round; but funds are limited, so get in quick.. The EOI form can be found at

For further information, please contact NACC NRM’s Sustainable Agriculture Program Coordinator Callum Love at or 0438 989 500.

NACC NRM’s Growing Great Ground project is supported by the Australian Government’s Regional Land Partnerships initiative of the National Landcare Program.

Callum Love – Sustainable Agriculture Program Coordinator

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