Bendigo Bank grant fuels grass-roots sustainability

The Community Grants recently awarded to NACC by the Geraldton branch of the Bendigo Bank were put to good use last weekend at the NACC-WA Museum-Geraldton Family Fun Day at the Museum, with Fun Day visitors taking small actions to reduce their environmental footprint.

As a result of Bendigo Bank’s generous support, coffee lovers were able to decline using a disposable cup and instead make use of ‘borrow-and-bring-back’ reusable cups and washing-up station. Lisa Keeffe, who had forgotten to bring her own cup was stoked to find that the event had reusable cups to borrow.

“This is a fantastic initiative,” she said.

“I would love to see all food stalls to take on reusable cup and similar more sustainable containers when serving food at events – there really is no need for single use plastic.”

Boomerang Bags also benefited from the Bendigo Bank Geraldton Community Grants with younger participants being invited to make use of the free materials to create their very own reusable bags.

Sarah Todd, who attended the event with her family, said both of these little touches helped make the Family Fun Day such “a great day”.

Oliver Todd with his Bendigo bag
Oliver Todd with his Boomerang bag


“The kids got a lot out of it as there were so many aspects to the event that were educational,” she said.

“They were so proud of the reusable bags that they made, and have already taken them shopping.”

The washing-up kit established via the Bendigo Bank Geraldton donation includes 52 cups, and is available for use for free at any local community event. For more information, please contact NACC Sustainability Coordinator Emma Jackson

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Great to see reduction of plastic cups etc. & the kids making their very own shopping bags is very educational, takes me back to younger years when my grandmother always took her shopping bags & that experience has been carried on by myself.

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