Beautiful Bolinda

There are plenty of land management heroes in the NACC NRM region, and here’s another!

Brothers Ben and Jamie McTaggart of Mingenew have committed to 10 years conservation of more than 140 hectares of remnant vegetation at his family’s farm, Bolinda.


Ben took up the agreement initially in response to the difficulties of moving cattle out of the remnant vegetation and its associated waterways, and remarked that fencing the area was a win-win, for agriculture and for biodiversity.

Whilst the remnant and its waterway are protected from the ecological footprints of cattle, damage to crops from grazing natives, particularly kangaroos, is also reduced. Everybody wins!

Bolinda is also a hotspot for native Australian salt bushes such as the Small-leaf Blue Bush, Maireana brevifolia.

Ben has expressed hopes that with continued management of the site, more native species such as the blue bush will take the place of exotic grasses and herbs in the area, increasing the biodiversity and ecological health of the area.

The event was supported by Northern Agricultural Catchments Council through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

Please visit NACC’s Habitat Fencing Incentive project webpage for more information about this project, or contact your local NACC NRM Officer.

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