Beach lovers at Cervantes

School Holidays have never been more exciting in Cervantes!

This week, NACC’s Appreciate Your Beach program featured in the coastal town to encourage locals and visitors to explore the local beach ecosystem.

Young scientists at work! Appreciate Your Beach Participants examining beach wrack in Cervantes.
Young scientists at work! Appreciate Your Beach Participants examining beach wrack in Cervantes.

The interpretive beach walk coordinated by NACC in partnership with Cervantes Coastcare, blew attendees away as they examined beach wrack under an aniScope stand – a purpose-built stand encompassing a magnifying glass and an iPad.

Some of the more unusual finds included a whelk egg case from the Giant conch (Syrinx aruanus) and a large ‘blob’ of Green spongeweed (Codium spongiosum) – a sponge looking algae complete with mussels and other algae growing on it.

NACC Coastal and Marine Project Officer, Hamish Longbottom said the community’s response to the event was “really positive and enthusiastic”.

“The Appreciate Your Beach program has been really popular in coastal towns in the Northern Agricultural Region, and provide a great opportunity for locals to learn more about how coastal processes shape our beaches, and the plants and animals that live there,” he said.

“Our marine and coastal environments are so diverse. We are always finding new things on our beaches.

“It was great to see the enthusiasm of the local kids, who weren’t leaving the beach until they were fully satisfied that they had removed all the rubbish. The pile of debris was sorted and there were questions about where it all came from.”

A BBQ/morning tea was provided by the local P&C, with sausages donated by the Cervantes IGA.

If you are interested in seeing an Appreciate Your Beach Day in your coastal town, please contact NACC Coastal and Marine Project Officer Hamish Longbottom on 9652 0872 or 0448 459 127, or for more information go to: the Appreciate Your Beach web page.

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Well done Hammish & local coastcare team it s delightful to see the community including children enjoying & we in Australia take for granted yet others in the world do not have access to(our coastal beaches)

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