Barrel Well Family Planting day – Replanting after Cyclone Seroja

This winter NACC NRM supported Barrel Well Aboriginal Community to revegetate some important riparian habitat on their property which was severely impacted by Cyclone Seroja.

NACC NRM’s Biodiversity team spent the afternoon with Rachel Mallard and the next generation of keen environmental stewards planting 70 native seedlings donated by Greenoil Nursery, which included River Red Gum and York Gum.

The kids involved had a wonderful time and did a fantastic job, planting the trees with great care, and giving them some native slow release fertilizer to get them off to a healthy start. They learned about protecting the seedlings and how to water and take care of them in dry weather to ensure they can grow big and strong and provide shelter and habitat for years to come.

After all the work was done everyone enjoyed a well-deserved cold drink, hamburger and catch up. 

This project is proudly supported by NACC NRM, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program. 

Jarna Kendle & Lynsey Allen – Biodiversity

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