Badimia Return to Country – Women’s Camp at Charles Darwin Reserve

In August, Beverley Slater and ten other Badimia women headed out to Charles Darwin Reserve (CDR) for a Women’s Camp.

The group visited some beautiful and important areas including a Gabidah (rockhole) and a Badimia site known as Echidna rock.

The ladies had a full agenda for their trip, making Marun (quandong) Jam, visiting a Malleefowl mound and an unused Stick-nest rats nest, picnicking at Camel Soak, and enjoying the spectacular show of wildflowers which were out in full bloom.

The group also worked together to create an incredible collaborative artwork with Acacia Cultural Designs. The art told an interpretive story about their experiences during their women’s camp at CDR.

One of the key goals of this womens camp was to learn a bit more about the elusive Malleefowl, and we’re happy to report that after the trip, it was decided among the group that they would all want to get further involved in protecting this incredible bird. The group also agreed that they had a wonderful time sharing and learning while on Badimia barna (Country).

This project is supported by NACC NRM, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Jarna Kendle – Senior Biodiversity Officer

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